Friday, November 7, 2014


First of all I need to report: There was a celebration of banana splits for dinner with a few neighbors and friends who live close by. It was a Monday night and a bit of a last minute hoo-rah. My kids decided on it and that is what we did. The downright dancing and celebrating will continue. For the rest of my life. We did a little last night and a little the night before. I have promised my family that we will be dancing in Mexico for a full week so they better get to learning some new moves. ;) Don't be surprised when I post dancing pictures on FB every once in a while....
So Excited to be done with Phase 3!! Taking time to regroup so that I can hit the final phase 4 with the same tenacity I did with 1-3. I have been calling them phases because, well, it is a process and there are steps that need to be taken. "Phases" seems to be the best word. Now its time to really take care of my skin and help it miraculously heal!! (Not only am I applying aloe vera to the outside, I drink the stuff daily along with my vitimin E, so it will work from the inside!!!) So I can do phase 4 sooner then later. There is a 6-12 month window of when drs. like to perform surgery after radiation....I am hoping for 6 rather then 12. Those are the prayers I am asking for now.

Secondly: Kristen Harkness, (I need to point her out) sent me the most beautiful email. She asked others to send words of encouragement for the final push. The email was awesome and I am so grateful for it. I read it through tears and being a "wordie" (like a foodie with words) it was amazing and just what I needed. Thank you dear friend for being there for me, sending me emails, and messages to "just keep swimming" Love it.

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