Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of surgery !!

Disclaimer: I am under the influence of some good pain meds,
So excuse the spelling. and I keep dozing off. So if I post something incomplete I will fix it when I wake up😴
Well I'm out of surgery and it went well! My typical response to  is general anesthesia is itching but I don't care. Could be worse I could be puking!!  (Thanks Amy for the good perspective/game!!!)It was a long morning! got checked in at 9:30 waited around for the Dr who had 3 surgeries before me!!! i just take that as a little extra practice before me. (wink wink). Then they injected an fluid into my skin for finding the sentinel lymph node that would show if anything was spreading to the lymph nodes. Then
I napped while it did its magic. The lady that did it was a nuclear something or other.... Weird!!! To have the word nuclear on your badge... So I asked how one becomes a nuclear something or other( of course I used the right title). They don't have many of them. An interesting degree.
So good news is that the immediate  path results from my lymph node was negative for cancer so they only needed to take the one. They were clustered together so there were a few taken. It will continue to test it to help determine next steps and I will talk to the doc tomorrow. More details then!

It's amazing how quickly things have happened. I've also figured out why God put my diagnosis on my baby daughters birthday. You place a blessing with a challenge and the blessing will always out weigh the challenge. It's also why my baby girl came into our lives. Kinda cool thought. I know that there are more challenges ahead but they seem do-able. Phase 1- complete. Phase 2 -recovery.


  1. So glad you are doing well and that everything went smoothly! Thought about you all day! xxoo

  2. Sooooo glad to hear from you. We have been dancing in your name since Wednesday night. I love you. Rest up. So glad to hear of the negative results on the lymph node!

    You kicked surgery's ass... Now Kick some recovery ass