Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LOOK at Those PJS!!

Well, after a little cleaning up, some coffee, as well as some adorable pj's,  I am looking pretty good! Someone wouldn't believe that I just had a bilateral mastectomy!!! (Keep telling yourself that Kiersten!!)  I still have all the tubing, and drains and pump in under my shirt, (hence the not so flat midsection) but I am feeling pretty good today. The burning has somewhat subsided and my empty pump fits nicely in my pocket. I have to say that burning feeling is awful!!! Makes me tense and want to.... ugh I don't know "say something inappropriate" (as my daughter would say). I have some phantom feelings, like I still have a nipple.  But, because it was ductal cancer, they took that too. I can finally do some things more independently, and I have been wanting to get up more often today, move around more because I am not very good at sitting still. Getting my own water, etc...(Thanks mom for telling me I'm an easy patient. I am feeling impatient!! )

Lennox has a cold, and my mom was up with her quite a bit last night. Poor babies!! It's tough not being able to hold her and rock her. She too, will get through this, and she has enjoyed being loved up by YaYa. The kids come home from school and rush in to see me in my room, makes me feel really good! Yaya and Josh have got some systems down, so the mornings and evenings have been really smooth.

I am getting a bit nervous about tomorrow so my stomach is a little upset. Tomorrow I will get the pathology results, be referred to an oncologist, have the pump removed and possibly have the drains removed(YUCK). Wish me luck!!

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