Saturday, January 25, 2014


The Dr. showed up in my room around 2. I was bored in the hospital and kept pacing in my room. She said it went well and the skin laid nicely and they only needed to take the one lymph node, and its little clusters. I finally went home around 3:30 or 4, after my flu shot and pneumonia . It was not a terrible ride. A couple jokes helped the journey, you know 'It sure is cold out here, but no smuggling peas for me." Josh's funny one "Saying goodbye to the rack, they saved us $ on Similac." Funny stuff. I called Tera to come by and do my hair. Tera was kind enough to be here to give me my braids. I needed to get my hair out of my face. Thanks for the up do!!

Well here's the scoop. I slept terrible in the hospital and awesome at home last night.  Today is a day though. I am bitchy and want to be left alone. It's hard when everyone just wants to help, I am finding myself saying sorry a ton.  Sorry...... It is the burning sensation that is awful!!! It is a weird type of pain. I can't breathe too deep or else it burns!! Im scared that I am going to rip it open if I breath too hard. I know I won't but you know... I took off the tight wrap to get the blood flowing better last night and I have to say looking down is weird. I have my fanny pack hanging from my neck, and there is 4 drains that are in a belt like thing wrapped around my belly, and hiding under my shirt. I look like a tourist!!!  A male toursit!  Another funny joke that we have going on.... You know the money and passport and such are under the shirt, and the camera is hanging from my neck...

My spirits are good I am just so sad that I can't see the baby. I chose not to see her because I can't say no. I will want to hold her and I can't .  Makes me sad.

Things to remember:
...stay on top of meds.
...left arm is off limits for blood work or blood pressure cuffs for the rest of my life. ( I am assuming no tattoos over there either since I will be doing more of that....) Guess I need to read up on it....
...Drink lots of water, dilutes stinky pee.


  1. You have every right to feel bitchy - it's that feistiness that serves you well coming out!! Still sending hugs to you. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Love you! - Theresa

  2. Love you! Keep rocking it! You're amazing <3