Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Please Keep Dancing!

Can't sleep. It's quiet in the house and I'm here with my mind again. It sometimes doesn't stop. I had to down my water before tomorrow because I love my water.... No food or drink after midnight. Please know if I didn't answer your calls tonight, it wasn't because you aren't important or loved, it's the exact opposite. You are so important and loved by me that it was hard to talk tonight. It may be that way for a while but don't stop calling I need to hear your voices and your words of encouragement. I was feeling kinda bad about that.....

I absolutely loved watching all the videos that were sent. So much that I have used up most of my data for the month.(WHOOPS! this phone thing is really cramping my style!!) But.... I don't really care because I LOVED IT! You all out there with your kids or dogs or just alone. You were all amazing. The best part is that you all were smiling! It made my night!! It helped set the tone for tomorrow and I thank God for each and every one of you.

About being strong... This is how I look at it. Buildings, monuments are built, steadied, and strong by using support beams. They are the intricate pieces that keep it all together.  Once it is supported a structure can stand. Not alone of course but with its support beams. However, once you have it standing strong and tall , you must add some flare!!! Bushes, statues, flower beds, sidewalks and sometimes even fountains. It makes a building or monument inviting. Worth exploring or being a part of!!  For a long time I believed that it was the fact that I was determined, or I was hard headed, or totally independent that made me so strong. I thought that I could do anything I set my mind to, and on top of that all by myself. I must confess I was totally wrong, and silly. I cannot do this alone.  I will not do this alone. I need God first and foremost, And I need my family. And I really need my friends. You all are that to me and I wouldn't be so strong going into this if you weren't there. Please Keep Dancing!!!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day. It not only has brought me strength in the journey I am about to embark upon, it has shown me how important the network of people that you weaved into my life are.  Bless my sister for sharing the dancing doctor video with me, and Kristen for giving me the idea to get others to dance too. That in itself will get me through tomorrow. You have truly shown me that you are here, and with me.  Thank you for the answers. Thank you for the structures that you have placed in my life that have made me who I am and who I continue to become. Thank you for the  support. In your name we pray.

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