Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The News....

Good news always travels with bad news.

News is this.
My Dr. gave me the results. As far as the Chemo/Radiation this will be determined by myself and the oncologist. However, my Dr. also told me the "most likely".  She has been doing this for a long time and I trust what she said. Not only do I trust her she told me that any second opinions are going to probably tell me the same thing but she is more then willing to fork over all my information to take elsewhere (totally initiated by her)

 ...The cancer was stage 2 and High grade meaning it was just under an inch, and aggressive.
.... My lymph nodes were re tested and they were negative all of them. Good news.
..... I made a good choice in treatment as they found more in the left side and I would have had to go back in, if I had had a lumpectomy.
.... The tumor was a little too close to my chest wall so my Dr. is  recommending radiation (for 1 month daily)to make sure nothing got into my muscle.
.... Because of my age they will probably recommend Chemotherapy.

Chemo will need to come first for 6 rounds, then radiation.  I am not sure how everything is going to work for sure time wise but I will find out when I sit down with the Oncologists.

I need to process this....cuz even though they got the cancer I have a long year ahead of me, no time for high heals I am gonna need a couple of good running shoes. It's gonna be a marathon.

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