Friday, January 31, 2014

Mommy don't go

So..... it has been so wonderful (not a word that exists that expresses how grateful) having my mom. I don't want her to go!! The kids have loved having her and so have Josh and I.  Josh even came into our room the other night and said, "I have had fun with your mom, I am going to really miss her." She was supposed to leave yesterday, but when she came into my room yesterday morning I said I don't want you to leave, then we proceeded to cry together.  God was watching and canceled her flight so she actually stayed another day.... Thank you God for hearing our prayers! We have done a ton of laughing! Sometimes so hard I thought I was gonna rip a stitch! Extremely healthy for the soul, you know you do have to heal from the inside out.

I had 2 drains removed on Wednesday and I was supposed to get the other two out today. They said I was still pretty swollen and they were worried I would swell and retain fluid all weekend and be very uncomfortable. Then on Monday would need to have a VERY big needle to drain me. YUCK!!! I said to nurse Sandy, " I will keep the drains for the weekend:)." Still have to keep my arms below my shoulders (No roof raising for me this weekend, sorry Broncos! I will be cheering, just not with my arms.) I will post some videos of that!! Should be really funny. And no showers. I did however, go to Great Clips for a hair washing and a dry. It was good but I have to admit she was too gentle. She even asked if she was pulling too hard when brushing and drying.  I proceeded to let her know that I was on pretty good narcotics so she didn't need to worry about hurting me. Won't be going to Great Clips again. I think I will go to the solon. Reflecting back, Shannon Latino really knows how to scrub and get in there. And when she dried my hair, holy cow, that felt good!!  MISS YA SHANNON!

My sister is coming in tonight so that will be good. The weekend is gonna be busy with fun things to do.  We might even go bra shopping! Or pick up some 'softies' as my doctor calls them. The fillers that you put into your bra for the time being.

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