Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart day!

So I sit here without anyone... the kids have all been sick. They are finally asleep... and I am remembering what music is...that means I have my iPod on and I am dancing alone....I am exhausted, but happy!!I am trying to man up for tomorrow because, yes, I am ROOM Mom.. what does that mean? I have to run this weeks valentines party.  It sucks because my Valentine won't be there because he has the flu AND strep.. but I still have to do this... What do I do? Should I throw my babies something special, or should I get sitter to take care of my littles so I can love up my man? Valentine's day has never meant anything to us because it exists only to remind people to care. It honestly makes Josh upset that others revolve their lives around this holiday because he believes that everyone should  love each other every day especially on random days. Tonight, I don't think I have ever felt closer!! Enough said... I am really living... and my relationship is so amazing. I have no words to describe it. Happy Valentines day!!

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