Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Light again

So, today was another light day. You know those days. Those days that are fully productive and you are truly happy and feeling blessed. The days when the nausea is finally gone. Those days when the fight seems so much easier then..well..then it is...
 I finally have my oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries-p.s. love to say that word) scheduled, January 22. My oncologist kinda thought that it should be a little earlier (like this week) but the hospitals were full. What can you do? Well let me tell you what you do. In the meantime you get a shot, that suppresses your ovaries and force you into early menopause. It's less abrupt  than the actual surgery. You know the menopause thing. I know you want to ask me? What is it like? Well, I'm cool with it actually. I would trade my period for hot flashes any day. (Oh, by the way they are not flashes they are waves they last a lot longer then a flash, I think I have said that before) Now being dry down there.... well there are creams to aid in that. I just can't use any that are estrogen based....Awe-some!!!

Anyway, I will also be having another injection to help with the strength of my bones. My bone strengthening shot. Today I am good. Today I feel good!!!Yippee!!!

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