Monday, April 4, 2016

I am going to continue to journal

You know in my heart of hearts I truly thought this journey was in remission and I was clear. From the way that I felt and the completion of my treatment it felt like the end. Truth is folks it is never the end when you are diagnosed with cancer. Not anymore. And that is frustrating. I sometimes feel like I have done something to deserve this long-ass journey. (Excuse my language) Every morning a person wakes up in the morning and thanks God that they have today. I feel good but that could change in a second and I have to be grateful for today. I have started a journal for my kids.  This blog is for them later on but, if they need me earlier they are able to be a part of me, through their journal.  My mom said everyone should do it. Facing their mortality or not. I really have begun to understand the value in little traditions, it just sucks that it's because I have cancer that I have to fast forward it all.

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