Saturday, May 10, 2014


As I began this process I realized that I wanted to be a natural as possible fighting through with limited amount of drugs.... Totally irrationally.... I was taking half the dose of anti nausea medicine...didn't know it. This last round was the easiest.   Advise from me. Take the steroids the first time, and take the extra doses of fluids. It makes a world of a difference!!! I am finally at 70% like the doc initially said. Aimee said it perfectly to me the past few days. It is only for a short time. You aren't going to be on these medicines forever, not only that they aren't addictive. I don't feel poisoned this time, just tired. Aimee was a nurse sent from heaven too. So very grateful that I had her here for me.

I also believe my faith has brought me to this. I needed to have this last round done and I needed to make sure that I am going to see my children, and my grandchildren grow up. I know this is what God wants for me. I feel it in my heart.

Until I post again. Naptime, the house is quiet and I need to take advantage of that.

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