Thursday, June 26, 2014


So today was my 10th round of chemo, however, I am counting down to 0!!! One of the most powerful numbers ever!! So when posting on Facebook I always post the countdown number...7!

I have to say that Lidacane is God sent. It makes accessing my port a piece of cake!! DEEP breath in and a stick I don't even feel. Blood work done in 15~20 minutes and doctor visit then on to chemo. Darci was able to come with me to my last round (8). It was nice to have someone, but we had the luxury of having Ryan there too.... It has been fine doing it alone, I read and sleep and really take my couple hour time out, but it was fun to show her my home away from home....Tulsa Cancer Institute.
The place is really quite cool. The people are wonderful and I am thankful for them. I have met some really neat and interesting people. And my doctor is pretty awesome!! Super nice and my age and has great bedside manner.... I was sent here for a reason!!

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