Thursday, July 24, 2014

#4- invest in a good eyebrow pencil

As I lay here dozing in and out of Benedryl consciousness. Two thing come to mind. Invest in a quality eyebrow pencil. I have found that they make a world of difference when drawing them on. I know... really? $20 for a good one? Yes, it does matter. Eyliner is waxy and you can't feather them as well. I put them on in the morning and I feel feminine again! I love it! And they actually look decent, people can't tell how thin they are!! Cool thing! Feeling good about yourself is not superficial. It makes you smile more and complain less. Life and God are good.

Two, sign up for cleaning for a reason. My mom said, "If you are dealt the cards use em". Couldn't agree with her more, and nothing like taking advice from one wise woman!!!! This has been God sent!! I can spend time with the monkeys, making up for the lost month, (AC treatments) without worrying about cleaning!!! And thanks to the Sochas we are getting more cleanings, by-weekly. I feel a calling for doing something great when this is all done but keep praying for what it is.

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