Thursday, July 10, 2014


So, yesterday was countdown number 6 and the best part was, had chemo in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. Drank water all day and enjoyed my family. Love this.... I think that taking a week off of treatment allowed me to finally feel great again. I saw that I will feel better once this is all done and I am excited to get back to my life. I can absolutely do this!!! I can attribute some of this to my "brain vitamin", as my friends and I call it. After my melt down, my Onc. (short for oncologist;)) put me on some Zoloft to help with the depression that hit me pretty hard. I will probably continue to use it just to maintain positivity, I know it has helped me through the rough patches. Leslie came to visit me today during treatment!! She is sooo supportive and an amazing person in general. She said we need to plan a celebration for each step of the way. "We WILL be celebrating in 5 weeks Kiersten. What do you want to do?" I said, " maybe dinner?" She said, "No something bigger, lets go somewhere for the weekend!"  So, that is what we will do!! Love it! And, she is right. We celebrate the baby steps for our kids, and the small accomplishments we make in our lives. This is no different. This is a challenge for anyone who goes through it and our mental state and our faith is tested. It is so important to celebrate the completion of any trial.

   I also met up with a friend tonight to give her the hat that I bought her. She is going through the same thing, just a couple steps behind me. It was fun to be two bald women standing in the driveway chit-chatting. She is finishing round 4 of the big dogs today. Prayers for her that she comes out stronger then she already is. Prayers that the anti nausea meds continue to work and that the side effects lift quickly. Amen.

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