Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2 of Radiation - My Hair... Finding what IS me.

 My hair, let's discuss my hair...... Well how do I say this? It is white. Yep, I was pretty gray before but now I am white. Some folks are like, "It's awesome and you can totally rock it." I know, and I think I could. But being able to rock it and wanting to rock it are two different things.  I know. So superficial of me, caring so much about my hair, but shoot!! It is the one thing that I can control. I tried to dye it with my girlfriend Sarah. We colored all of the dark hairs (as minimal as they are) blonde so at least it would look platinum, (which by the way is the cheer squad that my daughter is on...coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not) and I think that it worked. The white hair never really took the color well.  I have found many say that they have to pay for their hair to be my color. It isn't terrible, but it isn't me.

In my 6th grade classroom we always did a study on "This Believe" essays from NPR. Where people would write essays about beliefs that they had. Every year my class truly enjoyed it, and they were able to write about things that they believed in, not what the teacher wanted. There was one essay that I recall that hits home right now.  Her belief was that she believed in semi-permanent hair dye. ( It allowed her to try out different styles and how different ones brought out different aspects of her. I can relate to her because even though I was gifted the white, I am most comfortable as a brunette. I have been able to try out the 'rocker' chick in me, that I have always wanted to try, and I will let it grow for a while. I also am comfortable enough to go REALLY short. Lots of perks to that. I can spend a half-hour on my makeup and not even worry about my hair. (Never knew how important your eyebrows are to your face.) Trust me ladies... that has been a gift. Put a little gel in it, spike it up as it grows, another perk. Everyone should try it once. Not to brag, but how many of you were gifted the opportunity to try out being bald? Needless to say I am trying out different colors, and right now I am white/kinda platinum-haired.  It isn't terrible, but it isn't me.

So I am making a statement. I believe I am a brunette. No offense to blondes, redheads, grays, whites, or any shade on the spectrum, but I am a brunette. I loved my dark hair and I will love it again one day, when it's long enough to dye. Maybe a lighter version of brunette, as I slowly go darker in color, but brunette is my desire. For the time being I will be taking risks with my hair, and trying out everything. It won't be terrible, (it will be fun) to again, find what IS me.

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