Saturday, December 19, 2015


The next week consisted of scans up the wazoo!! First I had a PET scan, they identified two spots in my spine with significant lesions, and two smaller spots in my pelvis. There were some spots on the CT scan from the ER, on my liver, but the PET scan found this to be a cyst. Sometimes after surgeries these will form on organs...
Next step would be to biopsy the lesions. Yes, that means taking a sample from my spine. DISGUSTING! Yes they hammer a biopsy tool into your spine and pull out a sample. Again, DISGUSTING!! The sound and the pressure, just grosses me out. Thank God that it wasn't painful, and after the procedure, the pressure was released in my back and I actually felt better. Still anxiety and my nerves were shot. Fear of the unknown.
I had to wait a WEEK to get the results back. They test the sample to determine what, I like to say, the tumor likes to eat. That week was the longest week of my life. I was so worried this was going to determine my life expectancy. I have a 3 year old. My 7 year old needs his snugly mommy and my oldest and I are connecting on a different and wonderful level!! They are the coolest kids and I was not ready to let them go. My husband. One of the most amazing men I know. (Not to mention sooo HOT) I can't leave him. All of these thoughts running through my head. Wednesdays appointment couldn't come soon enough.
Wednesday Appt.
FREAKING OUT!!! Expecting to hear the worst news, praying for the best.
Blood Pressure-THROUGH THE ROOF!!. Nurse: "Ok. Lets breathe for a bit then I will take your blood pressure again. I am not gonna write that one down."( I even took my Valium) Sat quietly taking deep breaths and thinking positive thoughts. Took my blood pressure again, it came down. Thank you Lord.
Here are the results of the biopsy:
The tumor is still driven by hormones. Praise God. This means that Tamoxifen, the pill I have been taking, didn't block the Estrogen.(Yes I am highly estronagen-ated for some crazy reason. The pill is supposed to put you into menopause. Me not so much, my period loves me.) The sample was  97% Estrogen, 7% progesterone, we had to send the sample to a specialized HER2 test to see if it had changed. This left us with 2 plans to go with as we waited for the final test results.

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