Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here is the deal...

I have to say that the natural route that has been suggested by many has not been in clinical studies. Not enough of them anyway.
-5 apples a day, (I don't think I could do this)
-baking soda and maple syrup, (interesting)
-some sort of mushroom tea in which I need to grow my own mushrooms, (do you think I will grow it correctly, last thing I need is to start tripping out on my home-grown-mushrooms)
-Another type of tea (Essiac) that I have to buy 5 different herbs, make sure I brew it in a glass container not metal or aluminum, (Can't even pronounce some of the herbs)
-Don't drink water from water bottles, (Tell me Nalgene, is it a good idea to have a glass water bottle with a 1 year old?)
-Install a double filtration system in my water filters, because the first one never really gets out everything (Seriously? What is the purpose of a filtration system if it doesn't work?)
.... I get it. My lifestyle may need to change a bit. We rarely eat out, we have been juicing 2-3 times a week (which by the way I love),  buying organic (which come on, the FDA is really quite lenient), feeding my kids less frozen more fresh, exercise daily (check). Folks I have made a change. I do have one question. What has changed about alcohol in the many years it has been legal? I don't think that it has changed much, I guess the grains that they are made with are the problem? Oh well. What do we resort to? I don't know. I just don't know. So what if I change all of this? Does it mean those are the things that cured my cancer? Or will it be the chemo? Too many variables.....

So, I have had two appointments, one with the Tulsa Cancer Institute and the other with St. John's oncologist.  I have to say the findings were pretty much the same. The presentation was slightly different.  I do appreciate having things written down for me and explained the history behind the decisions that are ultimately best for me.  Always have someone write it down. Not only is there written evidence of their findings it makes it so much easier to explain to loved ones.

First things first:
I need to have my port put in.  Just the sound of this grosses me out. It is a hard piece that is placed right under the skin in your chest....gross!!! I know what you are thinking, 'Girrrrlll, you can handle a tattoo, this should be easy!" And "just wait til you get implants!" I know..I know... I have to say the biopsy was gross, it felt gross having some long metal thingy in my boob that was pulling a small worm-like sample out.  I hate watching needles go into my arm, gross again. MRI's, MUGA scans(watches your heart to see if it is working well-mine 'looks good'), tattoos, having your teeth cleaned, even going to the gyne, all things I can handle. Weird things under the skin that you can see.... gross. Let's just say I will never partake in the crazy activity of looking like a lizard. Putting in things over my eyebrows that look like hard bones....GROSS!!! (Sorry if I am offending anyone, it is really just the feeling of an out of place bone that grosses me out.)
Even when I had my first baby and she came out, I believe my first words were, "Oh my God, and Gross!! Felt like my insides had fallen out!!!" Then again, birth after #3, it was, and still is, my favorite part of pregnancy!!! I would do it for anyone these days because it is so cool...
I want to take my kids to CO for Spring break. My TCI doc said go for it on my last appt. as did my second opinion. Now, My DR. at TCI told me to enjoy my spring break, but to get the port in before I go, this way we can start right away. Okie-dokie!!! I am on it.

2nd step 
First rounds of Chemo. 4 rounds every other week for a total of 8 weeks.
I can start on the 10th? If my port is in this week or the 24th if I can't get it in until the 17th or sooner. Sounds like my "port-putter-inner" doc is on vacation until Thursday. I will have to wait until I set that. Then the ball will roll.

Speaking of balls..here is my profound analogy..it is like I know the ball I am going to use, and I now have a hill in sight.  It is now the time where I must climb that hill, set my ball on top and push....

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