Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Port

So I just had the port put in. It was sooo cute my son the night before my said "you are going to the dr again? Are ya getting your new boobies?" Love him!!! Anyway, I didn't expect it to happen the way it did but thank God it is in and now I will recover AGAIN a bit.  I had local and "twilight" anaesthesia.  I popped out of  my sleep a little faster. As a matter of fact, I was on the table, and gave the docs in the operating room a Peace sign and a smile... WHoops!! I knew twilight could have that effect on me. Thank goodness I didn't start talking about my personal life!!! I actually lost my voice!! The Lords way of helping me save face;)

They took the port tube up through my right carotid vein, so they needed to use a little local near it. Some people have their vocal cord lay close and some of the anaesthesia got to it so I lost my voice for a bit.  It doesn't happen very often so they thought it was just a dry throat due to oxygen . They my voice came back and I was good......My neck is a little sore... I am wondering if that is normal. I'm icing!!! I suppose I will give it a couple days and if I can't turn it by Thursday then someone is gonna hear from me(wink)!!!

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