Sunday, April 13, 2014

Round 2

Well Round 2 is done. I am on day 4 which was the opening day for me. The fog lifts and the aches can be maintained using ibuprofen and I can relax my body.  It is pretty uncomfortable honestly and I try really hard to explain how it feels to go through the 4 days of yuck..but when day 4 hits for me, it really feels like a cloud lifts and you see clearly, the headache goes away. Alisha has been rubbing my neck where I hold all of my tension and it really helps. I need help the first four days for sure....I need to be able to walk out of the room and lay down. I need to make sure that Josh has some relief. He is cooking and cleaning and he has been so supportive.

I don't particularly want to do this all over again (2 more times) but then you think about the noisy little blessings that run around my house and I can do anything!!

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