Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 1 done...

So I suppose that weekly writings will be efficient. Day 1 through 4 suck. I can only explain it as the first trimester of pregnancy and a 3 day hangover, combined with achey flu sypmtoms. Which I have stated before is terrible to endure especially when you don't get to do the "fun" stuff that creates both situations. Yucky!!! On day 4 though it was like there was a switch that turned back on. My head=cloud was lifted. I looked a Eric and Suzanne in the car and said I feel almost better!!! Yippee!!

I did get my haircut and have received a ton of compliments. It is short and I suppose that I will let my kids dye it here shortly. Many have said that the hair comes out around day 14. Awaiting the day a chuck comes out is the day it will be shaved. I won't be clogging any drains....he he.... Many wonder why I feel the need to shave it. I think it would be hard to watch it fall out, and anticipating the initial chuck is enough, emotionally.

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